Upgrades and Rebuilds

Our full amplifier upgrades are designed to provide real audible improvements and are achieved by a comprehensive rebuild often with circuit updates and improvements. We use the best components available to provide serious improvement over the original without getting too esoteric (and therefore expensive).

When we rebuild a Quad module we replace ALL the electronic components. In all cases we will use new components that are better than the original ones. We use low noise metal film resistors, high quality audio electrolytic capacitors, usually ELNA Silmic or Cerafine. Film or Polystyrene capacitors are used for smaller values. We also select the best quality audio transistors and op amps.

The module rebuild usually involves some form of circuit modification as well. These modifications are described in detail under each rebuild description

Cartridge Matching

We match the cartridge loading and sensitivity of any Quad phono module to your cartridges specific requirements. Quad MC modules particularly have large capacitive loading not suitable for most modern MC cartridges. Sensitivity can be set to values from 100uV to 10mV as required. These adjustments will allow your cartridge to perform to its full capability.