Net Audio is now operated by Fidele Audio. Fidele used to offer an upgrade service for Net Audio Quad upgrades and also used Net Audio modules in our own upgrades. For many years there was a link from the original Net Audio site to the Fidele Audio site.

Net Audio (Quad-Mod.co.uk) was originally established by David Pritchard in 2002. David offered many upgrades and parts under the name Quad-Mod.co.uk and Net-Audio.co.uk. Under David's ownership Net Audio grew to be the premier supplier of upgrades for Quad amplifiers particularly the Quad 303 MK3, Quad 33 and Quad 405 MK3. All these top of the range upgrades used modules designed by David and manufactured to his specifications.

David passed away in late 2014. Since then we have been unable to establish what happened to Net Audio designs, drawings, stock etc. We have no designs or products save what we already knew about Net Audio upgrades at that time. The website continued to be available and had some parts lists and upgrade instructions for the Quad 303 'Full Upgrade' as well as other modules and parts. That website has now been replaced by this site by Fidele Audio.