Fidele Audio


Quad and NAD Amplifiers and CD Players

Fidele Audio produce a unique range of audio system upgrades. The products on offer here are the result of several years of successful Quad and NAD upgrade experience. For all products we can also provide bespoke designs to meet your exact requirements. For details of our upgrades and module rebuilds please click here. For details of our repair service please click here.

Rogers Transistor Amplifiers

We have developed upgrades for early Rogers transistor amplifiers such the Rogers Ravensbrook, Rogers Ravensbourne and Rogers Panthera. We will shortly be offering specific upgrades but in the mean time if interested please contact us here.

Repair Service

We offer repair services for Quad amplifiers including those previously upgraded by Net Audio, including Quad 33 and 303, 34, 44, 405, 306, 606 etc.