Quad 66 Phono Module Rebuild

This rebuild can be made to both the Moving Magnet and Moving Coil versions of this module. The signal path capacitors are replaced with ELNA Silmic capacitors and Wima film capacitors. All resistors are replaced with very low noise types. The input load capacitor and resistor are replaced with the value of your choice, to match your cartridge. Transistors are replaced with low noise type and the collector current adjusted to minimize noise. The op amp is replaced with an OPA2227.

Please consult you cartridge instructions and specify an input load capacitor and resistor to match your cartridge. Also it is possible, if required, to change the sensitivity of the input module while upgrading. Any module can be changed to any of the following sensitivities, 100uV, 200uV, 400uV, 1 mV, 3mV, 6mV or 10mV. This will be done at no extra charge if specified.

Cost of module rebuild is £125.00 per pair plus £15.00 return shipping for GB.

Please refer to our Payments and Shipping pages for additional information.