Quad 44 ST and Quad 44 ST2

This upgrade addresses all areas of the 44 performance. All analogue circuits are upgraded and improved by using high quality ICs and discrete components. The power supply is also improved with better and larger capacitors and uses linear regulators. The phono and digital power supplies are upgraded also using linear voltage regulators rather than zener diodes.

These upgrades address every area of amplifier performance producing a Quad 44 at its very best.

Quad 44ST

The phono module is upgraded using low noise audio transistors and polystyrene capacitors for cartridge loading. The feedback capacitors are either film caps or Elna Silmic depending on the module specification. We set MM modules for 3mV, 6mV and 10mV (via switches) and MC modules can be set to any sensitivity from 100uV to 600uV as required.

All operational amplifiers are replaced with Burr Brown OPA227 or OPA2227 (Dual Amps). These are far superior to the original Op Amps giving a much more neutral sound and far lower distortion. De-coupling capacitors are added at each op amp location for maximum stability.

All bilateral switch ICs are replaced.  These are electronic switches used to transfer the selected input signal to the main pre-amplifier circuits. The originals are cheap ICs with a very high distortion rate. The replacements are the best I can find and have a very low 'On' resistance and a distortion rating of 0.008%.

All signal path electrolytic capacitors are replaced with film capacitors or wire links! We increase the size of several film capacitors in the signal path to ensure good bass response. The various stages of the Quad 44 are usually linked with large electrolytic capacitors to block any DC offset from one stage to the next. By using very low offset Op Amps we can eliminate the need for these coupling capacitors. The only exception being the tape output where we use a bi-polar electrolytic capacitor.

The phono input module power supply and digital power supllies are upgraded with linear voltage regulators and the capacitors are replaced with ELNA Silmic capacitors.

All power supply electrolytic capacitors are replaced with ELNA Silmic except that Vishay capacitors is used for the main capacitors, all larger capacitance than original.

The bridge rectifier is replaced with fast Schottky diodes. Also further RF de-coupling is added to all power supply lines.

Quad 44ST2

This version has all the above plus very high quality NewClassD voltage regulators in the main power supply. This improves the performace of all the power supplies, giving even finer detail and drive.

The cost for the Quad 44ST is £300.00,

The cost for the Quad 44ST2 is £380.00

both plus £25.00 return shipping for GB. Please enquire for shipping to other locations.

Please refer to our Payments and Shipping pages for additional information.