Quad 405-2 Upgrade Quad 405SE

This upgrade provides an entry level service and upgrade for your 405-2. The power supply capacitors are replaced along with all module electrolytic capacitors. Current limiting is removed (offset protection is retained). The op amp is replaced and the input sensitivity set to 1.5V.

Speaker connectors are replaced with 4mm binding posts and the input converted to two phono sockets. All original wiring is retained.

Power Supply:

Two 15000uF Nichicon Gold Tune capacitors are used to replace the original 10000uF capacitors.

Module Upgrade:

The current limiting circuits are removed. Wire links replace the current limiting sense resistors.
All other capacitors are replaced and 2 capacitors are added at the power supply connection. Capacitors used are Nichicon Fine Gold and Nichicon Muse Bi -Polar.
Two inductors are replaced on each module with high current types.
The op amp is replaced with a Burr Brown OPA227, and the input sensitivity is set to 1.5V.

Full bench test.

This amplifier is not suitable for use with un-modified ESL57s, otherwise there are no usage restrictions.

The cost for this upgrade is £240.00 plus £25.00 return shipping for GB. Please enquire for shipping to other locations.

Please refer to our Payments and Shipping pages for additional information.