NAD 3020 (any variant), NAD 3120

The Fidele Audio upgrades to the NAD 3020 (including the NAD 3120) series of amplifiers is one of our most popular upgrades. These amplifiers were well designed and used good audio quality components. However after many years of use the electrolytic capacitors will require replacement and this also gives us the opportunity to make some improvements using modern audio components. We replace all electrolytic capacitors using bi-polarized capacitors in the signal and feedback paths. We increase the capacitance of the power supply capacitors which provides more clarity and control. We also replace the output and output driver transistors with much better audio transistors. Finally all controls and switches are cleaned and a full bench test and alignment are carried out. This restores and even improves the original sound and performance of the amplifier.

The upgrade includes:

SE Version:

New Main Power Supply Capacitors (Larger capacitance).
Replace all other power supply electrolytic capacitors (Larger capacitance where appropriate).
Replace all phono, pre and power amplifier electrolytic capacitors using bi-polar type as appropriate.
Replace driver and output transistors with high grade Audio Transistors.
Upgrade output path wiring and by-pass the headphone socket (recommended but optional).
All controls and switches cleaned.
Full Alignment and bench test.
Return Shipping, tracked and insured.

AP Version:

This Audiophile version covers all the areas as above but uses all Nichicon audio grade capacitors, including Nichicon Muse, Muse ES bi-polar, Nichicon Fine Gold etc.. This takes the amplifier to the highest possible performance level and will produce the clearest sound. This is an amplifier for the enthusiast who really listens to the music produced.

These upgrades can be carried out on any NAD 3020 variant (i.e. NAD 3020A or NAD 3020e, NAD 3120, etc.)

The cost for the SE version is £200.00

The cost for the AP version is £265.00

plus £25.00 for GB shipping. Please enquire for shipping to other locations.

Please refer to our Payments and Shipping pages for additional information.