Quad 34 Balance Control Repair / Replacement

The Quad 34 balance control potentiometer fails on many units. A Quad replacement has not been available for many years and often now the 'fix' is to remove and by-pass the control. We are therefore very pleased to be able to offer a solution which retains the balance control function.

We have found a suitable new slide potentiometer that fits in place of the original, however we do need to extend the control arm of the new potentiometer so that the original mechanical control parts can be used. Once fitted the full function of the balance control is restored.

If you require this repair you will need to send the Quad 34 to us to fit the new control. We well need all the original mechanical parts of the control, so if your 34 has had these removed please ensure you still have them available.

The cost of this repair is £70.00 plus £25.00 return insured shipping to the UK.

Please refer to our Payments and Shipping pages for additional information.